Why to submit to IJCEM?

IJCEM has established itself as a professional and notable venue for publishing high quality articles/research papers recognised by various universities, institutions and international professional bodies. It provides opportunities to a maximum exposure of all its published articles/research papers in various indexing sites.

Are IJCEM published articles available for free?

Yes, all articles/research papers published by IJCEM are available free of cost for downloading. We support Open Access Publication policy.

What is the frequency of publications?

IJCEM publishes a regular issue after every 2 months apart from special issues. Thus 6 regular issues are published every year.

How do I submit my paper?

We recommend authors to use the IJCEM paper template to format their articles/research papers according to IJCEM style.

When will I receive an acknowledgement email for my submission?

Paper submissions are normally acknowledged within 1-3 days. Please be patient, do not resubmit or send us any email concerning this issue before 72 hours, and if you do not receive an acknowledgement email within this period then contact to us.

My paper has not been accepted. What do I do now?

Articles/research papers not accepted in first review round are sent back to authors either for major revisions or subject to complete reject. In case an article/research paper is not accepted (major revision required), we highly recommend authors to revise and implement the reviewers recommendations and re-submit it.

I have sumitted my revised paper. What next?

Revised articles/research papers are sent to the concerned reviewers to ensure quality evaluation of the articles/research papers. Authors are informed about the publication decision once we receive the reviewer’s feedback and recommendations.

My paper has been accepted, how do I register it?

Once your article/research paper is accepted for publication than Information about article/research paper registration will be provided to you through registration form.

Publication Certificate. Why and When?

As recognition of the author's contribution towards IJCEM publications, IJCEM issues Publication Certificate. Certificates are normally sent (via mail) within 15 days from the date of publication. All certificates are sent to the corresponding authors only. Co-authors need to contact the corresponding author.

I would like to join reviewer's board.

We welcome applications to join reviewer’s Board. Write to us or send your complete CV to us. For processing your application 3-4 weeks are required.

end faq