Rectangular Aperture-Coupled Slot Antenna Fed by Co-Planar Waveguide with Slits on the Ground Plane
Rahul Koshti, Pravin Wararkar

This paper explore the design of aperture-coupled slot antenna with the usage of Co-Planar Waveguide (CPW) feeding with finite ground plane is proposed. The proposed design of antenna offers suitable impedance matching, unidirectional radiation sample and occasional go polarization. The antenna become analysed with extraordinary dimensions of slot with specific geometries and the effect of evaluation is carried out on this paper. Simulation effects are obtained thru rectangular aperture-coupling of width λg/4 with slits at the ground plane fed by CPW. Using substrate of different substances FR-4 and RT Duroid analysis of the advantage of an antenna is finished the use of CST software program. Slot antenna with co-planer waveguide (CPW) feeding is favoured Due to low dispersion and simplicity of integration with various energetic and passive gadgets. The ground plane is added at the back side of the substrate. This ground plane behaves as reflector this results in maximum Directivity in one direction. It is found that the proposed antenna exhibits directivity of 10dBi using reflector at the back side of a substrate. It has been observed that with increase in the width of the slot dimension from λg/10 to λg/4, gain of antenna is improved from 1.1 dB to 4.9 dB with shift in resonant frequency It suggests that using substrate of low dielectric consistent gives exact radiation pattern, high gain and directivity because of low dielectric and surface wave losses. Using RT-Duroid substrate desirable go back loss is received of -24.34 dB as evaluate to FR-four substrate due to low floor wave losses which ends up into greater fringing field and higher radiation sample. The simulation consequences are obtained by way of the usage of Computer simulation Technology (CST) Microwave studio software. The proposed antenna design may be carried out for wireless device in GSM900 and can be included with lively or passive gadgets which can be used for RF Energy Harvesting.
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