Human Follower Robot Using Kinect
Purvi Agarwal, Pranjal Gautam, Anmoal Agarwal, Vijai Singh

This paper throws light on the aspects of human following robot using Kinect technology. The goal of this study is to eliminate the limitations of human robots by presentation of a Human follower robot which moves and is directly controlled by the human in front of the camera. This paper is focusing on the fact, how the Kinect sensor is capturing the 3-d information of a scene and recognizing the human body by retrieving the depth information. Microsoft Kinect is one of the latest advancement in the field of human and computer interaction (HCI). Various studies are being conducted using Kinect in the field of computer vision and action recognition techniques. In this process, the distance of human from the Kinect camera is being calculated in the form of the depth data, which is being Instantiated to move the robot forward and backwards. The robot being used here is a two legged robot powered by Arduino Uno microcontroller and a Bluetooth module (HC-05) for the interfacing and data transfer unto the robot. The whole process has a wide range of applications based upon application areas. The robot is independent of the particular human standing in front of him and will follow any other user after losing the field of view during its movements.
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