Credit from Traders and Processors and the Performance of Smallholder Horticultural Agripreneurs in Kenya
James Maillu, Elegwa Mukulu and James Kahiri

The increased need for appropriate credit in the agricultural industry has forced agripreneurs to continuously explore ways to obtain credit with favorable terms and conditions to develop and grow their agribusinesses. Lack of adequate credit from formal financial institutions has been prominently highlighted as one of the main factors that contribute to underperformance in the agricultural enterprise sector in Kenya.
To mitigate this challenge, smallholder agripreneurs have had to explore ways of getting credit from the informal financial sector. This study used descriptive design method which endeavoured to investigate the significance of credit from traders and processors on the performance of the smallholder agripreneurs in terms of production, land expansion, job creation and amount of income realized. The study was guided by credit from traders and processors as the independent variable and performance of smallholder agripreneurs as the dependent variable. The study found out that credit from traders and processors had a significant influence on the performance of the smallholder agripreneurs in Kenya. The conclusion of the study was that, credit from traders and processors was imperative for the successful development and growth of the smallholder agripreneurs’ horticultural enterprises. The study recommended a formal recognition, registration; legislation and support for traders and processors as a vital source of credit for agripreneurs.
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